Dr. Buehrens response to Harvard Business Review ‘s recently published article titled “Adopting AI in HealthCare will be Slow and Difficult” dated October 18, 2019, view article here.

The author, an attorney, develops several “barrier to adoption” arguments about AI in healthcare. First, FDA and regulatory; then physician acceptance; and finally, physician trust. Unfortunately, this sequencing is absolutely backward. IT developers who hope to break into the physician adoption space should START with physicians during development, so that IT is viewed as and actually IS a tool, not a black box, and so that clinical utility is kept uppermost in mind, NOT regulatory approval. No clinician in their right mind would adopt the most perfectly built IT with government endorsement that offers no business or clinical advantage. Employed physicians may not have to pay for IT directly, but as time is money, new IT that ADDS to physician time with IT today should be considered DOA. Physician trust can be best captured by having physicians involved in development and utility, not as customers to be sold a finished non-clinical unusable product.

The IT industry has yet to begin to comprehend let alone partner with clinicians. Health insurers had the same problem and seem to have learned from that. Those that do so and learn to do it early will reap rewards. Those who continue to build tech that burdens docs will find themselves out in the cold. Healthcare is about doctors and patients.

Author: Dr. Paul Buehrens, Chief Medical Officer, Sync.MD and Vyrty, Corp.