Why Sync.MD for patients?

With Sync.MD, you can have your complete up-to-date health records wherever you are, which saves time, eliminates unnecessary and inappropriate procedures, and improves results. Manage and share access to your medical records right from your phone, use your phone’s camera to perfectly scan paper documents, send HIPAA-compliant Requests for Medical Records directly from your phone, and instantly share access to your medical records – whether at home or in a clinic. Your doctors, attorneys, and even family members can send documents directly to your Sync.MD mobile app from their own computers.

Why Sync.MD for physicians?

Improve outcomes, reduce costs, and help prevent duplicated services and unnecessary tests caused by missing or lost information. Share data and information in real-time with anyone involved in providing or assisting with your patient’s healthcare needs. Your patient is the custodian of their own medical record. Patients can keep all their health data in one place and easily share it with health professionals to streamline registrations, referrals, and coordinated care. It takes just seconds to sync with any computer in a fully secure and encrypted process. You can immediately export documents from any computer software, including your EMR system. All you need to do is “Print” to the Sync.MD virtual printer.

How is my information secure?

Sync.MD utilizes security practices which are well above industry standards and HIPAA requirements. In addition to relying on highly secure TLS 1.2 Encryption, storing data in HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure Data Storage and protecting all data with ZRS backup – Sync.MD also encrypts data payloads using separate layers to protect against variety of hacker attacks.

Is it compatible to other EMR (electronic medical record)?

Sync.MD is fully EMR/EHR agnostic. It works with all data formats – from PDFs to media files for imaging, MRIs, etc. Patients get a permanent electronic copy of medical documents right on their phone, enabling straightforward sharing of information with healthcare providers whenever and wherever they might need it.

How is Sync.MD different than other out there?

Sync.MD is the first of its kind truly patient-centric permanent personal health record (PHR). It’s uniqueness is in streamlining processes for getting and sharing medical records, no matter which system, solution or software providers are currently using. Sync.MD’s instant sharing options allow doctors to focus on providing care for the patients without any need to change their habits or processes in order to have health records readily available.

What does it cost?

Sync.MD is a free mobile app. Providers can use it for free for uploading records, accessing records from their patients and being in a “permanent sync” with up to 10 of their patients. When providers see the need to be in a “permanent sync” with more than 10 patients they can upgrade to “Sync.MD Unlimited Plan” for $49 per month. There are no other hidden fees and they can cancel any time and switch back to “Sync.MD Free Plan”.

Does my doctor need to be registered for me to use it?

No. Doctors can start using Sync.MD without any registration – for both receiving documents from patients and releasing document to patient’s Sync.MD app. Later doctors can register by opening free account. There is no requirement to execute any business associate agreements (BAA).  Sync.MD is a Personal Health Records system operated directly on behalf of patients. HIPAA allows Covered Entities to exchange information directly with consumers.

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

When I show people syncMD and connect it instantly from my mobile to any internet connected computer pointed at the website, I only get two reactions:  “Wow!”, or the open mouth awestruck silent face.  One person only, a young 30 something, kept saying “That’s brilliant!” over and over.

Dr. Paul B. (Redmond)

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“It’s about time!”  My doc said, “Did you do that wirelessly?”  I said  “Yes and it’s secure and compliant.”

Rita Z. (Patient user)

“Another successful experience”

“I can strongly recommend Sync.MD to any medical practice or organization as it is a valuable time saving tool that improves the quality of medical care delivered to patients. Sync.MD has continued to add features that have only improved its usefulness.”

J. Condon, M.D


“When I see a patient who is using Sync.MD application, I know right away that visit will be productive because I will get record on my computer in no time.”

J. Grinberg M.D

“Very Accurate”

“This app is giving people the power to organize and share their medical records
electronically with anyone they see fit."

A. Nisbet - CIOX Health