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SyncMD is a patient centric solution that seamlessly connects doctors and their patients. Providing patients a portable personal health record solution that is universally compatible with any electronic health record (EHR) system. Our goal is to improve care coordination, patient outcomes and quality of life by offering a simple solution for both patients and their providers


SYNCMD Initiatives

The Sync.MD Initiatives places focus on:

  • Patient-centered
  • Improve coordinated medical care and treatment
  • Cost effective

Sync.MD Initiatives

A simple “App Based”; ready-to-go record transportation solution that connects the patient, clinician & EMR.

The Native American community experiences unique problems with coordinating medical care between Tribal and Indian Health Services.

Challenges in:

  • Quality medical care for Native Americans in other community groups such as active-duty military, veterans, or emergency service providers.

By putting control of medical records directly back into the hands of patients, Sync.MD helps ensure that community members never have to worry about not receiving medical care due to a lack of records. This approach eliminates the need to integrate directly with hundreds of systems or government agencies, giving patients the flexibility and freedom to seek care from the doctors and institutions that they trust, regardless of geography or circumstance.

The Veterans Administration faces significant problems in providing quality medical care to the millions of veterans who valiantly served our country.

Challenges in:

  • Care coordination between VA doctors and private providers.
  • Incomplete medical documents
  • Complicated billing requirements

Sync.MD platform provides a fully secure Personal Health Records (PHR) system that allows veterans to seamlessly transfer their medical records and documentation between the VA and private doctors without requiring any direct integration with any EMR system.

With nearly 1.5 million servicemen and servicewomen in active duty, the US military can sometimes struggle to provide comprehensive medical treatment to this highly mobile community. Challenges in:

  • Care coordination for specialized services such as early childhood development or cancer treatments

The Sync.MD platform provides a fully secure Personal Health Records (PHR) system that allows our Armed Forces to seamlessly carry their medical records with them wherever they go at the touch of a button; improving the quality of life for both them and their families.

Emergency and Public Service Departments face budget pressures in providing quality medical care to their workers and the millions of citizens they serve.

Challenges in:

  • Accurate medical record information when providing emergency medicine especially medication lists.

The Sync.MD application provides an all-in-one Personal Health Record system; allowing first-responders to have access to previously unknown medical data and information and change the way they deliver care; minimizing the costs and expenses created by medical mistakes, duplication of services.

The foster care system in the United States is under enormous financial strain, with both state and federal agencies too often failing to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Challenges in:

  • Medical information being completely lost.
  • Coordinated medical care for foster children at higher risk for developing serious behavioral and psychological health issues.

Sync.MD platform provides a quick and simple way to manage the health records of foster children.

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

When I show people syncMD and connect it instantly from my mobile to any internet connected computer pointed at the website, I only get two reactions:  “Wow!”, or the open mouth awestruck silent face.  One person only, a young 30 something, kept saying “That’s brilliant!” over and over.

Dr. Paul B. (Redmond)

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“It’s about time!”  My doc said, “Did you do that wirelessly?”  I said  “Yes and it’s secure and compliant.”

Rita Z. (Patient user)

“Another successful experience”

“I can strongly recommend Sync.MD to any medical practice or organization as it is a valuable time saving tool that improves the quality of medical care delivered to patients. Sync.MD has continued to add features that have only improved its usefulness.”

J. Condon, M.D


“When I see a patient who is using Sync.MD application, I know right away that visit will be productive because I will get record on my computer in no time.”

J. Grinberg M.D

“Very Accurate”

“This app is giving people the power to organize and share their medical records
electronically with anyone they see fit."

A. Nisbet - CIOX Health