History of Medical Databases

History of Medical Databases

The compilation of important data into a formless, easily-accessible medium is one of the technological highlights of the 21st century. With the inception of the internet and the subsequent innovation of cloud storage( alongside other wireless forms of information...

Technology in Healthcare: A History

Technology in Healthcare: A History

With 2020 bringing new possibilities for the future of healthcare technology, it’s good to look back on the things that researchers, scientists and medical practitioners have accomplished across the span of human history. Ever since tribes of ancient humanoids...

Primary Care, It’s New Role in the New Decade

Primary Care, It’s New Role in the New Decade

This HBR article from Kaiser Permanente “Managing the Most Expensive Patients”, suggests a very clear pathway to reduce some of the unnecessary waste in the US healthcare system using “leveraged primary care”, and points to a few small primary care networks that are...

What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

When I show people syncMD and connect it instantly from my mobile to any internet connected computer pointed at the website, I only get two reactions:  “Wow!”, or the open mouth awestruck silent face.  One person only, a young 30 something, kept saying “That’s brilliant!” over and over.

Dr. Paul B. (Redmond)

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“It’s about time!”  My doc said, “Did you do that wirelessly?”  I said  “Yes and it’s secure and compliant.”

Rita Z. (Patient user)

“Another successful experience”

“I can strongly recommend Sync.MD to any medical practice or organization as it is a valuable time saving tool that improves the quality of medical care delivered to patients. Sync.MD has continued to add features that have only improved its usefulness.”

J. Condon, M.D


“When I see a patient who is using Sync.MD application, I know right away that visit will be productive because I will get record on my computer in no time.”

J. Grinberg M.D

“Very Accurate”

“This app is giving people the power to organize and share their medical records
electronically with anyone they see fit."

A. Nisbet - CIOX Health