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A simple "App Based"; ready-to-go record transportation solution that connects the patient, clinician & EMR.


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History of Medical Databases

History of Medical Databases

The compilation of important data into a formless, easily-accessible medium is one of the technological highlights of the 21st century. With the inception of the internet and the subsequent innovation of cloud storage( alongside other wireless forms of information...

How Close Are We to Sci Fi-esque Healthcare?

How Close Are We to Sci Fi-esque Healthcare?

Fiction often has a complex intertwining relationship with reality. While the latter ostensibly inspires the former, sometimes, the reverse is true, especially when it comes to technology. In fact, many of the 21st Century’s innovations and appliances will probably...

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Take back control of your healthcare information. Manage and share access to your medical records right from your phone.


2 days 22 hours ago

Thank you Elev8Cure Foundation for listing us on your patient resource page!


6 months 1 week ago

"We call our integrated approach ImmuID. The program is designed to accelerate the speed at which large numbers of employees can safely return to work in confidence that they have already mounted an immune response to COVID-19."



7 months 1 week ago

We're all eventually going to need to access our own personal health record and have it on hand wherever we go and not depend on other portals to get the information. In light of COVID19 concerns, it is even more critical to have access to your own personal health record at your fingertips. Learn how:


8 months 3 weeks ago

Sync.MD is at the cutting edge of portability - we whole heartedly believe in #patientsfirst and put patients at the forefront of all our work. #heatlhtech


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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

When I show people syncMD and connect it instantly from my mobile to any internet connected computer pointed at the website, I only get two reactions:  “Wow!”, or the open mouth awestruck silent face.  One person only, a young 30 something, kept saying “That’s brilliant!” over and over.

Dr. Paul B. (Redmond)

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“It’s about time!”  My doc said, “Did you do that wirelessly?”  I said  “Yes and it’s secure and compliant.”

Rita Z. (Patient user)

“Another successful experience”

“I can strongly recommend Sync.MD to any medical practice or organization as it is a valuable time saving tool that improves the quality of medical care delivered to patients. Sync.MD has continued to add features that have only improved its usefulness.”

J. Condon, M.D


“When I see a patient who is using Sync.MD application, I know right away that visit will be productive because I will get record on my computer in no time.”

J. Grinberg M.D

“Very Accurate”

“This app is giving people the power to organize and share their medical records
electronically with anyone they see fit."

A. Nisbet - CIOX Health