REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Sync.MD announced that nationally recognized health expert Darin Selnick has joined as advisor to the health care technology startup. Sync.MD allows patients to take back control of their health care information by offering an innovative online platform to safely and securely manage access to medical records right from their smartphone.

Selnick has held a variety of senior positions in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and served as Advisor to the White House Domestic Policy Council. Most recently, he led the successful implementation of the Mission Act, designed to improve the quality of health care for veterans through telehealth, community-based providers and other innovative solutions.

Sync.MD’s patented technology enables individuals to securely store their complete and current health care records, and update information on their smartphone for seamless sharing of medical records with doctors. In his new role, Selnick will help Sync.MD lead to a future of patient-centered health care that works for the patient, the provider and the company.

“Today’s health care system is burdened with enormous inefficiencies that drive up costs and have a negative effect on health outcomes,” said Sync.MD CEO Eugene Luskin. “Darin brings an extraordinary combination of government and private-sector experience in health care and health IT. He has a well-deserved reputation for leading innovation and getting things done within large, complex organizations.”

“In an environment where billions are spent annually on vastly complicated systems, Sync.MD is a paradigm shift and innovative solution for the problem doctors experience when they need to review patient records,” said Selnick. “Sync.MD can enable higher quality care, which means better outcomes and reduced costs for patients, including veterans. It helps solve the problem of connecting otherwise incompatible medical records systems, as well as meet the specific needs of those who travel or require specialized care beyond their usual health care provider.”

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About Sync.MD

Sync.MD is a mobile app and website launched and operated by digital health startup Vyrty. Founded in 2015, Sync.MD was created for patients, by doctors, to help coordinate medical care and provide a secure, personal health record system that enables the sharing of data and information in real time.


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