Before the digital era, clinical visits would involve dozens of notes from consultation exams, thick paper charts, and heaps of documents. These practices continued for a long time until the advent of the Computer Age gave physicians an alternative platform, taking their data from the physical world to the digital. While paper is still used, physical documents are no longer the sole source of medical information, and digital data has greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of physicians. However, the medical conveniences of the digital age is not exclusive to doctors. Patients too can benefit from digital platforms that allow them to manage their health records. A Personal Health Record is an example of such a digital platform. A focus on the agency of the patient is essential in a Personal Health Record. Similarly, the best medical apps for Android and Apple have a patient-centered approach to their services.

Benefits of a Personal Health Record

When your health records are in your possession, you can track, manage and distribute your healthcare information. “It’s ownership over your healthcare” says Lesley Kadlec, the Director of Practice Excellence for The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Here are a few benefits of a Personal Health Record platform:

  • Remote access to your medical records
    This is especially advantageous for travelers or people who frequently move states or who travel a lot.
  • Reduced possibility of misdiagnosis
    There are numerous dangers to insufficient health information, especially in critical situations such as mass casualties and personal emergencies.
  • Quality assurance of the healthcare you receive
    You are ensured a productive visit to the doctor when you use a personal health record. With a personal health record, you can help your doctor to make a quick, informative assessment of your diagnosis by keeping your records available.

Additionally, Personal Health Records can address certain issues that were prevalent in the past. Those issues include lost data, inconvenient transfers, and misinformation between patient and physician.

Merge Your Three Ring Binder Into One Device

Although patients and doctors who are used to paper-based practices may seem intimidated by the idea of using technology to keep important records, there is no reason to worry because platforms such as Sync MD are patient-centered and is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Tell Your Physician to Do the Same

If you’re already using the platform to keep your health information, make sure you’re on the same page with your physician. Sync MD is universally compatible with any EHR (Electronic Health Record) System, making it easier for your physician to access and share your records with your other physicians with your consent.

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