People make mistakes. In fact, even the most mundane of questions can be a challenge to answer. Where were you last week on Monday, at 3 pm? Where did you have your last annual check-up and to add, who was the last doctor who checked you? We make conscious decisions but sometimes, it just doesn’t add up. You tend to repeat certain courses of action – just because of the human’s natural propensity to forget.

The Main Reason: Brains Are the Worst Data Collectors

Don’t get this wrong. The human brain is perhaps the most powerful tool a man could have when used correctly. But naturally, it may be good at one thing but equally weak in another. Our brains can only take in so much information, and our inability to retrieve specific details is perfectly normal. We cannot, for example, always keep in mind what our doctors told us last week, or what they recommended to do on our spine. That’s when the electronic health record platform comes in.

Track, Manage and Keep Your Records in Place

The traditional method of keeping paper records is still widely practiced. Some get intimidated by technological advancements, while others are apprehensive due to security concerns. While we are still generally in the process of adapting to this innovation, it might be a good idea to make the switch now. Cases of hacked and stolen electronic files haunted the world in the past but more hard copy files are at risk of being stolen as reported in the mid-2000s because of unreliable and unorganized storage.

Other Benefits of Health Apps

Forgetting minor things and making small compromises can cost you more than you think. Medical apps for patients like Sync MD can help you track your health, sync important data and make collaborating an easy task.

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