With the dramatic need for a more detailed, and secure health record storage, the introduction of cloud-based medical records has revolutionized the healthcare industry. This technological advancement was developed to make higher quality healthcare program its foremost priority.

How do you know you’re using the best mobile medical tool for your patients?

It’s Patient-centric

Whatever platform you choose, the effectiveness of electronic health record system is primarily measured by how well it benefits the patients. Will this pave the way for a long-lasting relationship with my patient? If yes, then you’ve found yourself the perfect platform.

It’s Simple and Easy to Use

A lot of developers don’t realize the importance of a good user interface design, which is also referred to as the overall appearance of an app/desktop. Some apps are just made for the sake of it, even if it looks intimidating and complex. A good medical app also recognizes the practical and helpful use of QR codes in the process. With this in context, access, transfer and collaborating are easier this way.

It’s Cost-effective

Not just for your patients but for you, the provider, as well. Will the app I choose allow me to see tangible enhancements in my organization and workflow?

As for the patients, they create their own hub for their own medical records. The reason owning a medical mobile app is practical is that it eliminates extra charges incurred by repetitive tests, and costly file transports from one physician to another.

The ‘best’ might be quite relative for some people, but when it comes to patient service, time and ease of communication are vital to hitting the sweet spot of overall patient satisfaction.

Sync MD is a simple ‘app-based’ medical record storage that aims to make remote access to documents possible for both patients and doctors.