Emergencies can cause a great deal of trauma and confusion for the patient, making them susceptible to the inability to respond to questions or recount the incident they were involved in. In addition to this, family members are often not entirely knowledgeable of the patient’s clinical history. So how do you navigate a difficult situation such as this?

In an emergency, accessing every detail about your clinical history when you are unable to communicate can be challenging, especially in a critical situation and you can be at risk for treatment delay, misdiagnosis and other problems.

Fortunately, the proliferation of healthcare-related apps has led the way to a more efficient and improved management of serious health situations. Here are a few yet significant ways an app could save YOUR life:

  • Physicians can easily have access to your medical history, blood type, and allergy information
  • Caregivers and close family members may have an idea of your current situation even before going to the ER
  • Patients who carry their medical records are more capable of being helped in mass casualties

The growing number of electronic health record software doesn’t necessarily change the whole medical system, but they certainly make a huge difference in the delivery and improvement of healthcare, especially during emergencies. Unquestionably, they reduce the dangers of delayed care and miscommunication in situations that demand immediate care.

When you have a healthcare app that allows you to access your entire clinical history at your fingertips, it is so much easier to get immediate medical attention you need. For patients and physicians alike, it’s a win-win situation. Take that small step — it could save your life. Get the Sync MD app now and access your clinical records wherever you are in the United States.