I recently read, Raman Singh’s article titled: “Reimagining Healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” (view article here) He wrote,

Just as previous industrial revolutions enhanced economies and improved the quality-of-life and prosperity of people everywhere, the technology innovation underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to reshape businesses and society dramatically.

It’s not inconceivable that the current wave of global development could go even further. Powered by AI, AR, 3D printing, advances in data analysis, and other disruptive technologies and platforms that promote new efficiencies and scale, it can offer real-world downstream benefits to people and communities.

I love doctor Singh’s enthusiasm for the Internet of medical things (IoMT) and his own company’s niche solution! Before American physicians adopt this kind of technology we need to have basic useful technological tools. Current electronic health record systems do not provide those. Most technology companies do not include the end users, the physicians, in development. Physicians are reported to be burnt out across all specialties at levels above 40%. The leading cause is poor technology. Systems built for insurance payments , risk reduction , documentation for archives but seldom for clinical use, etc. are not tools. Doctors desperately need and want IT tools that support our real work with patients. So do patients.

Who doesn’t want their own personal mobile secure health records accessible anytime anywhere to their own trusted healthcare provider, and what a useful tool that would be?!! That’s why we built Sync.MD, and what it is. Available now, free to patients and free to try. The platform will listen to and engage physicians and other providers to improve its utility and add functions that users need. This first tool for docs was built by and for doctors and patients. Not a new concept in medicine, but the leading edge for the IT sector to engage with healthcare.

Author: Dr. Paul Buehrens, Chief Medical Officer, Vyrty, Corp.