Planning to move this summer?

Whether you’re a fresh grad or a mid-career professional, moving from one place to another has become one of the groundwork for long-term career plans. As more opportunities come, you often find yourself tackling an interstate move every once in a while, but this decision shouldn’t be made without thinking through in detail. It can get overwhelming especially the amount stuff – tangible or not – you need to relocate.

There are many critical items to think through when relocating. It’s highly critical (not to mention stressful) when valuable information is involved such as transcripts, legal documents and health records. Finding enough space to store your grandmother’s jewelry box and your spouses’ collection of baseball cards is already a primary source of headaches– moving important and personal documents should not add up to your problems. You need to get your ducks in a row and seek for a more efficient way of transferring heaps of confidential health information. One great alternative of doing so are medical apps for iPhone and android.

How Sync MD app can aid you in moving:

Reduced Costs

When moving valuable information, no need to pack it and stress that it might get lost or stolen. Instead use SyncMD app:

  1. You bring your documents along with your personal belongings
  2. You sync your health records to a secured storage app SyncMD

Protection of Records

Option #1 above might seem considerable but along with that are the nightmares of misplacement or even losing these documents due to the human brain’s natural inclination to forget. Especially when you are faced with all these other things you need to do, like insurance. When you have your records securely stored in a device containing the Sync MD app, you practically save yourself from the ordeal. Additionally, having your records streamlined and properly documented in one app also means you have clinical references. This is especially useful in cases of emergencies while you’re mobile.

Easier Job Employment Solution

New employers often asks for your health information as part of their due diligence in recruiting. SyncMD app provides the ease of being able to provide the information without delay. No longer do you need to remember whether you’ve received all of your booster shots, you have the information at the palm of your hands.

Sync MD is an iPhone and Android medical app that is patient-centered. It seeks to provide valuable healthcare whenever and wherever. But more importantly, this app is definitely one of your go-to solutions for inevitable or unanticipated circumstances such as, in this case, the need to relocate. It’s handy, universally compatible, and efficient in several facets.

Never compromise secure access to your valuable information. Always go for what’s in your control. Register and get the app now!